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Buildings smarter than we are

BUILDINGS ARE NOW FULL OF SMART FEATURES THAT CAN HELP YOU MONITOR THE SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY OF YOUR FACILITY Technology is evolving in everything around us. From semi-autonomous features in vehicles to the newest iPhone and android smartphone apps, we use this technology to make our lives easier and more efficient. The world of construction […]

Pre-owned accommodation

WHY A THOROUGH FACILITIES APPROACH CAN PAY DIVIDENDS FOR YOUR USED-CAR BUSINESS One area that’s becoming increasingly important for franchised dealers concerns pre-owned vehicles. From a facilities perspective there are many approaches and variables that can help integrate a successful pre-owned vehicle operation into your physical environment. In our experience, there are several, simple aspects […]

Tables for tablets

The way dealers communicate with their customers requires a rethink when it comes to the dealership sales environment From traditional to social media, websites and newsletters, the idea behind the different communication platforms available today is that they all appeal to different people. By contrast, at most dealerships, communication and sales methods have remained relatively […]

The changing face of dealerships

DEALERSHIP FACILITIES HAVE EVOLVED OVER THE PAST DECADE. WE LOOK AT WHAT’S CHANGED — AND WHAT’S TO COME It’s fitting that on the 10th anniversary of Canadian auto dealer, we take a look back at the evolution of the retail facility in the past decade. Since 2005, it’s fair to say that nearly every facility […]

Looking to the lounge

AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO SPEND MORE In this column, we hope to bring up facility-centric ideas that are generally off the radar and can have a positive return on investment, customer loyalty and employee morale. In some cases, it is interesting to look outside the automotive […]

Why washrooms matter

WHY ONE PARTICULAR DEALERSHIP FACILITY CAN HAVE BIG IMPACT ON YOUR CUSTOMERS Pants down and echoes all around — yes, this is the space that exposes our basic vulnerabilities. So why are we ignoring the bare essentials of bathroom design? In this column we hope to bring facility-centric ideas that are generally off the radar […]

First impressions count

WHY THE IMAGE YOU PROJECT CAN HAVE A PROFOUND EFFECT ON CUSTOMER LOYALTY, SALES AND YOUR BOTTOM LINE In this column, we hope to raise awareness to the importance of creating a positive first impression, and how that can impact customer loyalty and sales at any automotive dealership. According to Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov […]