A dealer running only one dealership can “walk the lot” every day, and ensure the facility, people and processes are delivering an outstanding customer experience. But when operating multiple dealerships — often in different cities and different regions — it’s impossible to consistently “check up” to ensure standards are being maintained.

That’s where DealerCheck comes in.

DealerCheck’s software tools are custom built for car dealerships to help owners and managers truly see their operations through the eyes of customers.

With the easy-to-use DealerCheck mobile app, dealership personnel conduct a comprehensive facility inspection. They rate what they see, collect photos and compile notes. DealerCheck’s detailed inspection reports feed into powerful reporting software that collects, archives, and analyzes all the information. The DealerCheck tools automatically generate a list of Action Items that highlight any problem areas that didn’t meet the dealership’s standards — and that need to be addressed — and by whom.

With DealerCheck you can perform faster and more consistent inspections, eliminate paper audits and checklists, build improvement action plans, evaluate and benchmark your performance, and improve the customer experience at your dealership.

You can compare the progress of any one dealership over time — or to see how it stacks up against other dealerships in a group. DealerCheck can help you fix the facility, process or people problems that could be costing your dealership business.